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Over the past  years, we have been the proud parents of many felines, and we have also put up with our share of feline crises. Also, as in many areas of our country, urban sprawl has come to Southern Maine. This in turn has reduced the habitat and food supply for predators such as the fox and coyote, which has led to their rapidly increasing numbers in city neighborhoods as well as suburban areas, resulting in the disappearance of many a family pet. Many of our felines are shelter cats, several with special needs, and as much as we want to give them the freedom of our rural environment, we realize that each time one goes out the door, he or she may never return. The concept of an indoor-outdoor kennel began to take shape in early 2002, when Southern Maine experienced unusually warm spring weather. Noting that the cats spent most of their time on the windowsills sniffing the fresh air and watching the birds, we tossed ideas around until we came up with a basic plan for letting them move freely between the indoors and the outdoors while remaining confined to a safe area. We spent months sketching possible ways of letting our kitties get some outdoors yet still be protected from the danger posed by the aforementioned predators, or stray dogs, or even the owl that attacked one of our biggest males and left behind severe gashes and several hundred dollars worth of surgery.  We believe we have arrived at the solution with our Safe Kitty cat enclosure, a sturdy structure that keeps the good guys in and the bad guys out.  

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